Reference files and python code to run Min/Max QC test

The MinMax QC test checks whether a given temperature/salinity observation lays inside a local validity interval estimated from an historical dataset with specific quality check applied. Instead of estimating the validity interval bounds from first and second order statistical moments, i.e. mean and variance, the local minimum and maximum values are used, allowing to account for the non-gaussianity of the local parameter distribution. The present package contains :

  • a directory with the reference Netcdf files: « », « » and « »
  • a python function « » with the tools required to use the reference files
  • a python script « » as an example showing how to plot a profile and its Min/Max envelope
  • a directory with auxiliary files : ISEA grid characteristics, T/S example profile
  • a readme.txt file


Physical oceanography


90N, -90S, 180E, -180W


MinMax package
70 MoPython and NetCDF files
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Gourrion J, Dobler D, Gallian M, Szekely T, Beaulieu N (2020). Reference files and python code to run Min/Max QC test. SEANOE.

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