Impacts of desalination in the Arabian Gulf

Twin numerical simulations, one without and other with the injection of brine from desalination plants in specific locations around the Arabian Gulf.


Physical oceanography


Arabia Gulf, Desalination, Physical Environment


31N, 10S, 32E, 76W


Output from numerical experimentos with the Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM)
403 MoNetCDFProcessed data
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Campos Edmo (2020). Impacts of desalination in the Arabian Gulf. SEANOE.
In addition to properly cite this dataset, it would be appreciated that the following work(s) be cited too, when using this dataset in a publication :
Campos Edmo J.D., Vieira Filipe, Cavalcante Georgenes, Kjerfve Bjorn, Abouleish Mohamed Y, Shahriar Sakib, Mohamed Reem, Gordon Arnold L. (2020). Impacts of brine disposal from water desalination plants on the physical environment in the Persian/Arabian Gulf. Environmental Research Communications, -.

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