Date 2020-12-08
Temporal extent 2020-01-22 -2020-02-17
Author(s) Bourras DenisORCID1, Branger HubertORCID2, Luneau Christopher3, Reverdin GillesORCID4, Speich SabrinaORCID5, Geykens Nicolas6, Barrois Hervé6, Clémençon Aurélien6
Affiliation(s) 1 : MIO, Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology, Marseille, France, CNRS
2 : IRPHE, Marseille France, CNRS
3 : UMS OSU-Pytheas, Marseille, France, CNRS
4 : UMR LOCEAN, Paris, France, CNRS
5 : LMD, ENS, Paris, France
6 : DT-INSU, Meudon France, CNRS
DOI 10.17882/77479
Publisher SEANOE
Keyword(s) Air-Sea, Turbulence, Fluxes, Radiation, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, waves, wind speed

As part of the EUREC4A-OA project (H. Bellenger, S. Speich, LMD), which is the French oceanographic component of the larger EUREC4A field experiments, the OCARINA wave-following platform was deployed from the host Reseach Vessel R/V Atalante from Genavir. OCARINA holds instruments that measure atmospheric turbulence and other environmental variables. The collected data are used to estimate the turbulent fluxes of momentum and heat at the air-sea interface. Specifically, the instruments on OCARINA measure air pressure, air temperature, humidity, the three components of the wind vector, the upward and downward solar and infrared radiation fluxes, and basic sea wave characteristics, such as the most significant wave height. Three  methods are used to calculate the turbulent fluxes, namely the Eddy-Covariance (EC) method, the Inertial-Dissipation (ID) method, and the bulk method.

Licence CC-BY
Acknowledgements The deployment of the OCARINA wave-following platform was founded by the EUREC4A-OA Program (
Sensor metadata

•    Gill R3‐50:  Wind vector u, v, w (m/s) and speed of sound c (m/s) at 50 Hz, at a height of 1. 6 m
•    Vaisala WXT‐520 Weather station: Air temperature T (°C), relative humidity RH (%), and atmospheric pressure Patm (hPa) at 1 Hz, at a height of 0.8 m.
•    Campbell CNR4: Solar and infrared radiation fluxes, upward and downward: Fsol_dn, Fsol_up, Fir_dn, and Fir_up (W/m2 ), at 1 Hz, at a height of 0.8 m
•    Xsens MTI‐G: Time, position, and motion: lon (°), lat (°), lin_acc_xyz (m/s2 ), ang_vel_xyz (rad/s), and Euler angles (phi, theta, psi) at 50 Hz, at a height of 0.1 m
•    Seabird SBE‐37SI probe: Sea temperature and salinity: SST (°C) and SSS (psu) at 1 Hz, at a depth of 0.3 m

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Bourras Denis, Branger Hubert, Luneau Christopher, Reverdin Gilles, Speich Sabrina, Geykens Nicolas, Barrois Hervé, Clémençon Aurélien (2020). EUREC4A-OA_OCARINA : OCARINA Air-Sea Flux Data. SEANOE.