Milos Shallow Water Hydrothermal System: Drone seafloor photomosaics (July/September 2019 fieldwork)

Date 2019-07
Temporal extent 2019-09-23 -2019-09-27
Author(s) Martelat Jean-EmmanuelORCID3, Puzenat Valentine1, Escartin JavierORCID2, Grandjean PhilippeORCID3
Affiliation(s) 1 : Institut de Physique du Globe de, Paris, France
2 : Laboratoire de Géologie, CNRS UMR 8538, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, France
3 : Laboratoire de Géologie, U. de Lyon, France
DOI 10.17882/77670
Publisher SEANOE
Note Photomosaics from drone imagery, acquired in summer 2019, over the Milos hydrothermal system at Agiam Paleochori, and Spathi Bays
Keyword(s) Hydrothermal system, Greece, photomosaics, Hydrothermal flux, volcanism, Hydrothermalism, seafloor mapping, drone

Drone photomosaics of the seafloor at the shallow-water Milos hydrothermal system. Photomosaics were acquired with a Phantom and a Mavic Pro drone. Images were acquired in July and September 2019. Photomosaics are provided as geotiffs (UTM Zone 35).


Licence CC-BY-NC-ND
Utilisation Not for commercial use. While these data is open access, we encourage users to contact the authors for information regarding their use.
Acknowledgements This work was partially funded by projects INSU-SYSTER to J.-E. Martelat and J. Escartin, with additional support from IPGP, U. Lyon, an U. Bergen.
Sensor metadata

Mavic Pro drone

Phantom Pro drone

File Size Format Processing Access
Zip file containing 3 geotiff photomosaics acquired un July-September 2019 over the Milos shallow water hydrothermal system, at the bays of Agia Kyriaki, Paleochori, and Spathi, and associated readme 371 MB IMAGE Processed data Open access
Readme text associated with drone geotiff photomosaics from the Milos shallow water hydrothermal site (July-Sep 2019) 3 KB TEXTE Open access
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Martelat Jean-Emmanuel, Puzenat Valentine, Escartin Javier, Grandjean Philippe (2019). Milos Shallow Water Hydrothermal System: Drone seafloor photomosaics (July/September 2019 fieldwork). SEANOE.

In addition to properly cite this dataset, it would be appreciated that the following work(s) be cited too, when using this dataset in a publication :

Puzenat Valentine, Escartin Javier, Martelat Jean-Emmanuel, Barreyre Thibaut, Bauer Sven Le Moine, Nomikou Paraskevi, Gracias Nuno, Allemand Pascal, Antoniou Varvara, Coskun Omer, Garcia Rafael, Grandjean Philippe, Jørgensen Steffen Leth, Magí Lluís, Mandalakis Manolis, Orsi William, Polymenakou Paraskevi, Schouw Anders, Vallicrosa Guillem, Vlasopoulos Othonas (2021). Shallow-water hydrothermalism at Milos (Greece): Nature, distribution, heat fluxes and impact on ecosystems. Marine Geology, 106521-.