EM304 multibeam data - Blackmud canyon

Date 2018-09-08
Temporal extent 2018-09-08 -2018-09-09
Author(s) Le Bouffant Naig1, Bisquay Herve2
Affiliation(s) 1 : Ifremer, France
2 : Genavir, France
DOI 10.17882/78545
Publisher SEANOE
Keyword(s) EM304, Blackmud Canyon, Bathymetry acoustic data, Bay of Biscay, Watercolumn acoustic data, multibeam

This dataset presents EM304 multibeam echosounder acoustic data, collected over BlackMud Canyon on the continental shelf edge in Northern Bay of Biscay. Data files include bathymetry, seabottom backscatter, and water column acoustic data in echosounder kmall format, recorded onboard R/V Thalassa during EM304 Sea Acceptance Test on 08/09/2018 and 09/09/2018. Bathymetry ranges from 200m to 4200m depth. Kmall files can be displayed and processed using e.g. the GLOBE freeware provided by Ifremer at: https://www.flotteoceanographique.fr/Nos-moyens/Logiciels-de-la-flotte/Analyse-et-traitement-de-l-information/GLOBE.

Licence CC-BY-NC-SA
Acknowledgements EM304 deep water bathymetric multibeam echosounder installation was part of R/V Thalassa modernization project, that was co-funded by European FEDER, ANR, Brittanny Region ,and IFREMER: https://www.flotteoceanographique.fr/Nos-technologies/Grands-Projets-en-cours/Modernisation-du-N-O-Thalassa
Sensor metadata

EM304 is a Kongsberg multibeam echosounder, working around 30kHz acoustic frequency, designed to collect bathymetric data up to 8000m depth. It provides bathymetry data, together with seabottom acoustic backscatter level and water column acoustic images. Data are collected through 512 beams within +/- 70°, with 0.5°x1° vertical beam resolution (alongtrack x acrosstrack). High Density mode extracts from the 512 beams up to 800 soundings per swath.

An extract from the cruise logbook is joined to the data that details the acquisition conditions and echosounder configuration modes. Echosounder detailed parameters can be found within the kmall files.

File Size Format Processing Access
Cruise logbook extract 19 KB CSV Open access
EM304 kmall data files 16 GB kmall (Kongsberg format) Raw data Open access
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