ROCCH 2020 dataset : chemical contaminants levels for shellfish area quality management

Date 2021-02
Temporal extent 2020-01-27 -2020-03-11
Author(s) Grouhel-Pellouin AnneORCID1, Verin Francoise1, Maheux Frank1, Le Gall Patrik1, Cheve Julien1, Lebrun Luc1, Gabellec Raoul1, Schmitt Anne1, Bruneau Audrey1, Gouriou Laure1, Munaron DominiqueORCID1, Serais OphelieORCID1, Marco-Miralles Francoise1, Connes Coralie1, Grizon James1
Author(s) Laboratoires Environnement et Ressources
Affiliation(s) 1 : IFREMER, France
DOI 10.17882/79255
Publisher SEANOE
Keyword(s) chemical contaminants, molluscs, quality, shellfish area

Rocch, the french "mussel watch", provides regulatory data for shellfish area quality management. Once a year, lead, mercury, cadmium, HAP, PCB and dioxins are analysed in molluscs tissues to check chemical quality.

Licence CC-BY
Utilisation Data are published without any warranty, express or implied. It is the sole responsibility of the user to assess if the data are appropriate for his/her use, and to interpret the data, data quality, and data accuracy accordingly. .

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Chemical contaminant concentration in shellfish tissue 692 KB CSV Raw data Open access
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Grouhel-Pellouin Anne, Verin Francoise, Maheux Frank, Le Gall Patrik, Cheve Julien, Lebrun Luc, Gabellec Raoul, Schmitt Anne, Bruneau Audrey, Gouriou Laure, Munaron Dominique, Serais Ophelie, Marco-Miralles Francoise, Connes Coralie, Grizon James (2021). ROCCH 2020 dataset : chemical contaminants levels for shellfish area quality management. SEANOE.