TRUSTED drifting buoys data, a Copernicus project

The European Union’s Copernicus-funded TRUSTED project (Towards Fiducial Reference Measurements of Sea-Surface Temperature by European Drifters) has deployed over 100 state of the art drifting buoys for improved validation of Sea Surface Temperature (SST) from the Sentinel-3 Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometers (SLSTR). These buoys are manufactured by NKE.

The TRUSTED drifting buoys data and metadata are distributed in qualtity control NetCDF files, as a subset of DBCP drifting buoys GDAC (Global Data Assembly Centre).

Coriolis DAC  (Data Assembly Centre) routinely collects, decodes, quality controls, preserves and distributes data and metadata as NetCDF-CF files.

The TRUSTED buoys have specific features managed by Coriolis DAC python data processing chain: a high resolution temperature sensor in addition to the classic drifting buoy temperature sensor. The high sampling and high resolution observations are distributed in specific variables TEMP_HR, TEMP_HR_SPOT, TEMP_HR_XX (XX is the percentile sample).



90N, -90S, 180E, -180W


trusted buoys data
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