Piezometric data from the Sea of Marmara collected during the MARSITE Cruise

Date 2021-03
Author(s) Geli LouisORCID1, Henry Pierre2, Çağatay NamıkORCID3, Apprioual Ronan1, Roudaut Mickael1
Affiliation(s) 1 : Ifremer, Département REM, Unité des Géosciences Marines, F-29280 Plouzané, France
2 : CEREGE, Aix-Marseille Université, Centre St Charles, 3 Place Victor Hugo, 13331 Marseille cedex
3 : İstanbul Teknik Universitesi, Maden Fakültesi, Jeoloji Bölümü, Ayazağa 34469 İstanbul, Turkey
DOI 10.17882/79781
Publisher SEANOE

The data are time-series of in-situ pore pressure and temperature measurements from two piezometers deployed in the Sea of Marmara within the EU-funded MARSITE Programme. Instruments were deployed in September 2013 during the MARMARA-13 Cruise of R/V URANIA on October 2013 and recovered on November 2014 during the MARSITECRUISE of R/V Pourquoi pas?. Each free-fall piezometers (developed by Ifremer) consists in a sediment-piercing lance of 60 mm diameter, ballasted with lead weights (>1000 kg), equipped with differential pore pressure and temperature sensors, welded at 6 depth-levels, having an accuracy of ±0.5 kPa and 0.05°C respectively.

Instrument PZN 

  • Water depth (m)    : 667

  • Long deg : 27

  • Long min : 46,656

  • Lat Deg : 40

  • Lat Min : 48,931

  • Deployment (URANIA) : 04/10/2013 16:09

  • Recovery (Pourquoi Pas?) : 15/11/2014 14:05

Instrument PZN 

  • Water depth (m)    : 672

  • Long deg : 27

  • Long min : 46,306

  • Lat Deg : 40

  • Lat Min : 48,783

  • Deployment (URANIA) : 06/10/2013 02:28

  • Recovery (Pourquoi Pas?) : 15/11/14 20:26

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Acknowledgements The marine operations for instrument deployment and recovery were supported by the 7th EU-funded Framework Programme (FP7), within EMSO and MARSITE Projects. The authors thank Nurcan Meral Özel (KOERI), P. I. of MARSITE (EU Grant agreement ID: 308417). Luca Gasperini (CNR), chiefed the deployment cruise (MARMARA-2013) Cruise of R/V Urania. Livio Ruffine, co-chiefed the recovery cruise (MARSITECRUISE) of R/V Pourquoi pas?.
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Piezometer description

Sensor metadata

Sensor depths below seafloor 0.83 m; 2.28 m; 3.93 m; 5.48 m; 6.28 m; 7.08 m

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Geli Louis, Henry Pierre, Çağatay Namık, Apprioual Ronan, Roudaut Mickael (2021). Piezometric data from the Sea of Marmara collected during the MARSITE Cruise. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/79781