Camadas Finas III - BR cruise: S-ADCP data

Camadas Finas cruises are part of Brazilian programs whose objective is to study the influence of the Amazon River on the surrounding areas as far as the open ocean. Camadas Finas III carried out in 2012 with R/V Nho Cruzeiro do Sul, which was equipped on-board with an Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (S-ADCP) to collect the two horizontal components of the current along the ship route (for more information, see Araujo et al., 2017). The 2 min Short Term Averaged (STA) files collected were processed with CASCADE (Chaîne Automatisée de Suivi des Courantomètres Acoustiques Doppler Embarqués) software (Kermabon et al., 2018) and made available.


Physical oceanography


upper ocean currents, tropical Atlantic, western boundary currents


8.09N, -3.62S, -37.28E, -50.92W


The cruise took place from 11/10/2012 to 01/11/2012, and the data were collected with an Ocean Surveyor 75kHz system (mode NarrowBand). The processing has been made on *.STA files. The acoustic downward ping was processed in 8-m length bin vertical resolution and the reference bins for the data considered good were taken between third and fifth bins. The absolute current velocities have been computed with CASCADE according to Le Bot et al. (2011) and Kermabon et al. (2018).


13 MoNetCDFProcessed data
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Araujo Moacyr, Dimoune Djoirka Minto, Noriega Carlos, Hounsou-Gbo Gbekpo Aubains, Veleda Doris, Araujo Julia, Bruto Leonardo, Feitosa Fernando, Flores-Montes Manuel, Lefèvre Nathalie, Melo Pedro, Otsuka Amanda, Travassos Rysoaurya Keyla, Schwamborn Ralf, Neumann-Leitão Sigrid (2021). Camadas Finas III - BR cruise: S-ADCP data. SEANOE.

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