Force variations measurement on a tidal turbine model due to tower proximity

The main objective of these tests is to quantify the effects of the tower proximity on the force variations of a horizontal axis tidal turbine. The experimental tests have been carried out in the wave and current flume tank of Ifremer at Boulogne-sur-mer, France. Four distances between a dummy tower and the turbine rotor have been tested. For every position of the dummy tower, three flow velocities and eleven turbine rotation speeds have been selected. The turbine performance has been quantified without the dummy tower as well, to generate a reference set of plots for all flow velocities and turbine rotation speeds.

The turbine performance is quantified through the rotor torque, thrust and blade root forces and moments. An inflow velocity measurement has been systematically recorded in synchronization with the turbine parameters, for every acquisition, using a 3 components Laser Doppler Velocimeter.




horizontal axis tidal turbine, performance measurement, force variations, laser doppler velocity measurements, tower proximity


50.72892N, 50.72892S, 1.59796E, 1.59796W


Please see the ReadMe file for a detailed description of the test setup.


Turbine parameters and 3 components Laser Doppler Velocimeter data
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ReadMe file
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Gaurier Benoit, Payne Grégory, Bacchetti Thomas, Facq Jean-Valery, Germain Gregory, Shoukat Gohar (2021). Force variations measurement on a tidal turbine model due to tower proximity. SEANOE.

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