SUBSAINTES 2017 ROV Victor tracks - renavigated data for ROV dives

Date 2021
Author(s) Escartin JavierORCID1
Affiliation(s) 1 : Laboratoire de Géologie (UMR 7538), Dept. of Geosciences, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris (ENS), Paris, France
DOI 10.17882/82290
Publisher SEANOE
Keyword(s) ROV navigation

ROV Victor 6000 navigation files for dives #653 through #666 from the SUBSAINTES 2017 cruise, between Les Saintes and Dominica (French Antilles, Caribbean).  The navigation data, mergin both the inertial and USBL navigation data, has been processed by IFREMER (S. Beraud), using the following softwares: DELPH'INS Version 2.3 SP2, PILOTINE Version 3.4.8, USBL Replay Version 1.1.0 BETA 40)

There is a navigation file sor each dive, that includes time-stamped position and vehicle attitude:

Date (year, month, day)    

Heure (hour, minute, seconds)  

Latitude (degrees)  

Longitude (degrees)  

Immersion (m)    

Cap - Heading (degrees)    

Pitch (degrees)   

Roll (degrees)   

Easting_st (m/s)    

Northing_s (m/s)    

Altitude_s (m)    

Standard_dev_Heading (degrees)   

Standard_dev_Pitch (degrees)   

Standard_dev_Roll)  (degrees)


Licence CC-BY
Acknowledgements ROV VICTOR navigation data reprocessed by IFREMER
Sensor metadata

ROV navigation data

File Size Format Processing Access
Navigation files for ROV VICTOR dives 653 through 666 (SUBSAINTES 2017 Cruise). The files (one per dive) include the following fields: Date Heure Latitude Longitude Immersion Cap (Heading) Pit 18 MB ASC Processed data Open access
SUBSAINTES 2017 Cruise ROV Victor - Renavigation data report 716 KB PDF Open access
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