RESOLAG : The French Polynesian lagoon monitoring network

RESOLAG is a sensor network located in French Polynesia, in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. The program started in 2018 to acquire data on seawater parameter inside lagoon impacted by pearl oyster farming activity. It is a long-term monitoring of seawater temperature, disolve oxygen, turbidity, fluorescence and salinity. One of the network’s major goal is to better understand the link between black-pearl oysters and their environment, in order to improve management of the farming activity.

RESOLAG was created by the Department for Marine Ressources Management of French Polynesia. It is a public organisation run by the gouvernment of French Polynesia. Therefore all data from the network are publicly available to download (under CC-BY licence).




-15.368865N, -19.89064S, -145.739263E, -153.056158W


2018-2023 data
88 MoCSVQuality controlled data 110368
2018-2022 data
6 MoCSVQuality controlled data
2018-2021 data
751 KoCSVQuality controlled data
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Liao Vetea, Follin Yann, Costes Louis, Germain Chloé, Trophime Thomas (2024). RESOLAG : The French Polynesian lagoon monitoring network. SEANOE.

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