Time-migrated seismic reflection profile ST5-014

Seismic profile ST5-014 was acquired in May 2015 during the STEP 2015 cruise (DOI:10.17600/15006100) on the continental shelf offshore Nice Airport (SE France).

The source was a 1200 J Sparker from Geo Marine Survey with electrical pulse on a 400 tip electrode. The seismic data were recorded on a Geo-sense 48-channel streamer of 230 m long with a trace spacing of 3.125 m which was towed at a depth of 0.6 m. One Automatic Identification System was deployed on the seismic source and two others on the head and tail of the streamer to ensure positioning with meter accuracy.

The pre-processing of the seismic data included common midpoint binning, spherical divergence correction, 125-2500 Hz bandpass filtering, normal moveout correction and signature deconvolution. To preserve the high frequency content of the source only the first 24 traces were stacked (i.e. maximum offset of 80 m). This provided seismic data with a frequency range of 175 to 850 Hz. Detailed Root Mean Square velocity analyses were performed on super gathers every 1 m. After the picking of velocities on semblance panels, interval velocities were computed using the Dix equation. Stack and post-stack time migration were then applied using this velocity field.

The time-migrated seismic data were converted to standard SEG-Y rev1 format (https://seg.org/Portals/0/SEG/News%20and%20Resources/Technical%20Standards/seg_y_rev1.pdf) with values written using “big-endian” byte ordering and IEEE floating-point. Seismic coordinates in trace headers are in WGS84 format and +DDDMMSS.ss unit (with a scale factor of -100).


Marine geology


Seismic reflection profile, Time-migration


43.648194N, 43.643081S, 7.230815E, 7.216251W


Time-migrated seismic reflection profile ST5-014 crossing the continental shelf offshore Nice Airport
10 MoSEG YProcessed data
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Thomas Yannick, Marsset Bruno, Dupont Pauline, Hamon Mathieu, Garziglia Sebastien, Marine Geosciences (2015). Time-migrated seismic reflection profile ST5-014. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/82986

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