EMSO-Ligure Ouest observatory data (mooring ALBATROSS) from 2021-08

EMSO-Western Ligurian site  (European Multidisciplinary See floor Observatory and water column) is a second generation permanent submarine observatory deployed offshore of Toulon, France, as a follow up of the pioneering ANTARES neutrino telescope.

The Earth and Sea Science (ESS) instrumentation connected to KM3NeT is based on two complementary components: an Instrumented Interface Module (MII) and an autonomous mooring line (ALBATROSS).

The ALBATROSS mooring line is an inductive line (2000 m) composed of an acoustic release system, two wire ropes hosting CTD-O2 sensors and currentmeters, and two instrumented buoys, . This line is deployed at a distance of 2-3 kilometers from the MII, and the shore communication is done through an acoustic link with the MII which is linked to the KM3NeT node.


Chemical oceanography, Physical oceanography


MIO, OSU Pytheas, CNRS, Real-time, EMSO-ERIC, KM3NeT, Biogeochemistry, Observatory, GeoSciences, Oxygen, Salinity, Pressure, Sea current, pH, Temperature, Sea Regions, Mediterranean Sea, Western Basin Oceanographic, Environmental data, Climate change


42.792N, 42.794S, 6.037E, 6.039W


  • CTD ODO, AQD (500m)
  • Deep SeaPhox (500m)
  • CTD  (750m)
  • CTD ODO, AQD (1000m)
  • CTD (1250m)
  • CTD ODO, AQD (1500m)
  • CTD ODO, AQD (2000m)
  • CTD ODO, AQD (2200m)
  • CTD ODO, AQD (2400m)


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Data from 2021-08 to 2024-02
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Data from 2021-08 to 2023-10
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Data from 2021-08 to 2023-05
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Lefevre Dominique, Libes Maurice, Heyndrickx Celine, Bernardet Karim, Gojak Carl, Mallarino Didier (2024). EMSO-Ligure Ouest observatory data (mooring ALBATROSS) from 2021-08. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/83244

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