Dissolved oxygen and temperature on water column, data from the EGIM, EMSO-Canarias (ESTOC), 2020

This dataset contains temperature and dissolved oxygen concentrations and the associated sensor raw data acquired between the 15th of January 2020 and the 15th of June 2020 on EMSO-Canarias (a.k.a. ESTOC) observatory by the EGIM. Dissolved oxygen  is one of the 7 core parameters monitored by the EGIM, EMSO Generic Instrumental Module. The EGIM prototype was deployed at the ESTOC site at 3580m depth, 100km North of Gran Canaria, to monitor local hydrodynamic variability and complement the data obtained by the ESTOC station.


Chemical oceanography


29.19N, 29.19S, -15.514E, -15.514W



  • Oxygen saturation (%)
  • Oxygen concentration (μmol/l)
  • Temperature (°C)


  • Regional node: EMSO-Canarias (ESTOC)
  • Site: ESTOC
  • Node: EGIM
  • Coordinates: 29,198ºN ; 15.514ºW. Water Depth: 3650m
  • Depth: 3670 m


  • Cruise: CIANCA Andrés, REMIREZ Xabier, DELORY Eric (2019) ESTOC 2019 December Cruise RV IEO Angeles Alvariño


  • Cruise: CIANCA Andrés, CAUDET Eduardo (2020)  RV TRAMES1 

Operating parameters

  • Measurement duration: 10 sec
  • Sampling period: 15 minutes
  • Anti-fouling device: Yes

Sensor metadata

  • Type: Oxygen Optode Aanderaa 4330
  • Provider: Aanderaa Data Instruments Inc.

Sensor configuration

  • Salinity setting: 0%
  • Pressure correction: no
  • Salinity compensation: no

Test and calibration

  • AANDERAA, test and specifications

Data management

  • Real time data transmission: No
  • Data storage in the Communication and storage unit (COSTOF2): Full
  • Data storage in the instrument: No


342 KoCSVRaw data
How to cite
Delory Eric, Santana Raul, Moran Rayco, Remirez Xabier, Marrero Ruben, Cianca Andrés, Hernández-Brito Joaquín (2021). Dissolved oxygen and temperature on water column, data from the EGIM, EMSO-Canarias (ESTOC), 2020. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/83639

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