ROCCH biota Mediterranean dataset : chemical contaminant in Mediterranean shellfish

Date 2020
Temporal extent 2020-01 -2020-03
Author(s) Grouhel-Pellouin AnneORCID1, Bouchoucha Marc2, Connes Coralie4, Gianaroli Camille3, Marco-Miralles FrancoiseORCID2, Serais OphelieORCID3
Affiliation(s) 1 : IFREMER, Unité Biogeochime et Ecotoxicologie, F-44311 Nantes, France
2 : IFREMER, Unité Littoral, , F-83507 La Seyne sur mer, France
3 : IFREMER, Unité Littoral, F-34203 Sète , France
4 : IFREMER, Unité Littoral, F-20600 Bastia , France
DOI 10.17882/84636
Publisher SEANOE
Keyword(s) chemical contaminants, shellfish, environmental quality

ROCCH, French Chemical Contaminant Monitoring Network, provides each year a new official dataset to update the assessment of the chemical state of French coastal waters in the national and international context. Measurements of concentrations of trace metal elements and organic compounds  in Mediterranean shellfish tissue are transmitted to the international database of ICES (for the OSPAR Convention) for quality assessment.

Licence CC-BY
Acknowledgements The French Monitoring Network in the Mediterranean is supported by the French general directorate for food (Ministry for Agriculture). The authors are grateful to Ifremer Biogeochemical and Ecotoxicological Unit team that prepared the samples and performed trace metal analyses, and to ONIRIS -LABERCA and Laboratoire de la Vendée teams that performed organic contaminants analyses.
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Grouhel-Pellouin Anne, Bouchoucha Marc, Connes Coralie, Gianaroli Camille, Marco-Miralles Francoise, Serais Ophelie (2020). ROCCH biota Mediterranean dataset : chemical contaminant in Mediterranean shellfish. SEANOE.