PHYTOBS dataset - French National Service of Observation for Phytoplankton in coastal waters

The PHYTOBS dataset includes long-term time series on marine microphytoplankton, since 1987, along the whole French metropolitan coast. Microphytoplankton data cover microscopic taxonomic identifications and counts. The whole dataset is available, it includes 25 sampling locations.

PHYTOBS network studies microphytoplankton diversity in the hydrological context along French coasts under gradients of anthropogenic pressures. PHYTOBS network allows to analyse the responses of phytoplankton communities to environmental changes, to assess the quality of the coastal environment through indicators, to define ecological niches, to detect variations in bloom phenology, and to support any scientific question by providing data.

The PHYTOBS network provides the scientific community and stakeholders with validated and qualified data, in order to improve knowledge regarding biomass, abundance and composition of marine microphytoplankton in coastal and lagoon waters in their hydrological context.

PHYTOBS originates of two networks. The historical REPHY (French Observation and Monitoring program for Phytoplankton and Hydrology in coastal waters) supported by Ifremer since 1984 and the SOMLIT (Service d'observation en milieu littoral) supported by INSU-CNRS since 1995. The monitoring has started in 1987 on some sites and later in others.

Hydrological data are provided by REPHY or SOMLIT network as a function of site locations.

Biological oceanography

phytplankton, ILICO, France, The Channel, Biscay bay, Mediterranean, Quadrige, Pelagos, REPHY, SOMLIT, Ecological niches, Trends, Environmental changes, Phenological variations, Functionnal groups, Taxinomic unit

51.451683N, 41.043404S, 10.084008E, -5.956031W


phytobs SNO full 2021-01 (ODV format)
53 MoODVQuality controlled data
phytobs SNO full 2021-01 (CSV format)
54 MoCSVQuality controlled data
PHYTOBS (2021). PHYTOBS dataset - French National Service of Observation for Phytoplankton in coastal waters. SEANOE.