Processed physical oceanographic data in Uruguay during autumn 2016

Data related to the article: Shelf Water Export at the Brazil-Malvinas Confluence Evidenced From Combined In-situ and Satellite Observations.

By Gaston Manta, Sabrina Speich, Marcelo Barreiro, Romina Trinchin, Camila de Mello, Remi Laxenaire and Alberto R. Piola.

Oceanographic dataset of CTD, TSG, and ADCP campaign in Uruguay during April-May 2016 (see the paper). contains the 82 CTD profiles There are matrices of 4219 * 82. 4219 is the maximum pressure reached by a station. The rest is filled with NaNs.
TSG_Manta_etal_2022.csv is the TSG data with a 10 minute centered moving average and a coarse calibration of the fluorometer (see the paper). are u and v velocities from the hull-mounted ADCP, matrices of depth (50)x time(18500) processed with cascade and tide corrected.
Water_samples_Manta_etal_2022.csv Contains nutrients and chlorophyll-a at 5m depth.
(Time is always in MatLab datenum format and in year-month-day-hour-minute-second)

You can find more details about the data in the paper and also here


Physical oceanography


-30N, -38.5S, -50E, -60W


CTD profiles
15 MoNetCDFProcessed data
15 MoNetCDFProcessed data
3 MoCSVProcessed data
Water Samples
2 KoCSVProcessed data
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Manta Gaston, Speich Sabrina, Barreiro Marcelo, Trinchin Romina, de Mello Camila, Laxenaire Remi, Piola Alberto (2022). Processed physical oceanographic data in Uruguay during autumn 2016. SEANOE.

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