An ISIS-Fish database describing monthly spatial dynamics of the Bay of Biscay mixed demersal fishery

We propose a database to describe the Bay of Biscay mixed demersal European fishery for the ISIS-Fish simulation tool. It was built upon national and European fishing databases, scientific survey datasets, models estimates, literature, and the formulation of assumptions.It accounts explicitly for spatial and seasonal processes, and for mixed fisheries phenomenons. This database encompasses population dynamics for 3 stocks, hake, sole and Norway lobster, exploitation dynamics for numerous fleets and métiers, and the description of current fishing management, as well as fishers adaptation. A calibration procedure was designed to ensure consistency between all these diverse and heterogeneous parameters compiled and estimated in the ISIS-Fish database and to ensure the model reproduces closely historical catch patterns. This database is a starting point towards operational simulations, of use for understanding the functioning of the fishery, the assessment of management strategies, or delivering short and long-term scenarii. It can be used to reproduce historical catch patterns, with room for improvement on some inter-annual and spatial dynamics. 


Fisheries and aquaculture


simulation, fisheries, model settings, scenarios, hake, management, spatial, calibration, norway lobster, sole, bay of Biscay


48.647547N, 42.795533S, -0.219727E, -9.536133W


Zip of the gitlab repository including a readme file that describes the contain and the procedure to explore/use the database
454 Mozip fileProcessed data
How to cite
Vigier Audric, Bertignac Michel, Mahevas Stephanie (2022). An ISIS-Fish database describing monthly spatial dynamics of the Bay of Biscay mixed demersal fishery. SEANOE.
In addition to properly cite this dataset, it would be appreciated that the following work(s) be cited too, when using this dataset in a publication :
Vigier Audric, Bertignac Michel, Mahévas Stephanie (2022). Monthly spatial dynamics of the Bay of Biscay hake-sole-Norway lobster fishery: an ISIS-Fish database. Scientific Data. 9 (1). 306 (12p.).,

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