Pictures of the main marine species caught in Reunion Island (png format)

Date 2021
Temporal extent 2015 -2021
Author(s) Brisset Blandine1, Evano Hugues1, Huet Jerome1, Malet Ambre1, Gentil Claire1, Le Moal Ewen1, Varenne Fanchon1, Serazin Joss1, Wambergue Louis1, Chapat Melodie1, Fleury Pierre-Gildas1, Passoni Sarah1
Affiliation(s) 1 : Ifremer, France
DOI 10.17882/86537
Publisher SEANOE
Keyword(s) Fish

These pictures of the main marine species caught by fishermen in Reunion Island were taken during field sampling (SIH, Fisheries Information System) or laboratory dissections (research projects), and cut it out. They can be found incorporated in the “Identification Guide of the main species caught in Reunion Island  - Target, by-catched and accidental species” for the attention of scientists, representatives of  administration or fishermen themselves. These pictures are now freely accessible in a png format.

Licence CC-BY
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Images data set 667 MB PNG Open access
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Brisset Blandine, Evano Hugues, Huet Jerome, Malet Ambre, Gentil Claire, Le Moal Ewen, Varenne Fanchon, Serazin Joss, Wambergue Louis, Chapat Melodie, Fleury Pierre-Gildas, Passoni Sarah (2021). Pictures of the main marine species caught in Reunion Island (png format). SEANOE.