CTD Castaway shallow water cast Mexican North Caribbean-Chacmochuch Lagoon System - 25/09/2021

Date 2021-09-25
Temporal extent 2021-09-25 -2021-09-25
Author(s) Bárcenas Graniel Juan FranciscoORCID1, Montesino Brito José2
Affiliation(s) 1 : Universidad del Caribe
2 : Coop. Mar de las Antillas
DOI 10.17882/86634
Publisher SEANOE
Keyword(s) Chacmochuch Lagoon System, Mariculture, Cooperative

The Universidad del Caribe responds to the demand for technical support for a workshop with the aim of verify environmental parameters with the use of Technology Applied to Information Registration and GPS, for the monitoring of points of interest, like define the study area, its physical description and its natural context,  operate measuring instruments and apply measurement procedures and create databases and metadata. Likewise, CTD cast were carried out to have a database with future application to mariculture, with the purpose of contributing to the economic development of communities in Quintana Roo through economic diversification and regional cultural identity and promoting fair trade and solidarity that favor the production and consumption of original products.This activities of the Node for the Promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy (NODESS) called Selva, Mar y Comunidad Pre Registration Folio SINCA_PNSS_20_00009_INAES, made up of the Universidad del Caribe, Directorate of Economic Promotion of the H. Ayuntamiento of Lázaro Cárdenas, Muuch Kaab Cooperative, Cooperative University of Community Innovation, Mar de las Antillas Cooperative and Tianguis del Mayab. This technical report is at the request of the Cooperativa Mar de las Antillas.

Licence CC-BY
Utilisation This data set is submitted in good faith only. The authors and the Universidad del Caribe will not accept responsibility or liability for third party use or interpretation of data.
Acknowledgements Laboratorio de Tecnologías Ambientales, Cuerpo Académico Sistemas Energéticos y Sustentabilidad CASES, Programa educativo de Ingeniería Ambiental del Departamento de Ciencias Básicas e Ingenierías de la Universidad del Caribe.
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Bárcenas Graniel Juan Francisco, Montesino Brito José (2021). CTD Castaway shallow water cast Mexican North Caribbean-Chacmochuch Lagoon System - 25/09/2021. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/86634