OISO cruises: S-ADCP data

Measurements of the currents were collected with the Ship-mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (S-ADCP) in the South Indian and Southern oceans during cruises carried out since 2000 in the framework of the OISO program (Océan Indien Service d'Observations). The OISO program initiated in 1998 (Metzl and Lo Monaco, 1998, https://doi.org/10.18142/228), collects measurements of CO2 and associated parameters in both surface and water column along the repeated lines of R.V. Marion-Dufresne in the South-Western Indian and Southern Oceans; this coverage is an important complement to the international CO2 observing system (IOCCP, GO-SHIPS). The OISO program is linked to national and international programs (LEFE, IGBP/SOLAS/IMBER, SOOS, IIOE-2). The OISO data are regularly included in dedicated databases and international data synthesis (NCEI/OCADS, SOCAT, GLODAP). This page is dedicated to the S-ADCP data recorded during the cruises. More information on OISO cruises could be consulted at https://doi.org/10.18142/228


Chemical oceanography


Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, Current S-ADCP


-12N, -66S, 145E, 30W


S-ADCP sensors: RDI NB75 or NB150 or OS75 or OS38


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4 MoTEXTQuality controlled data 94125
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