Wind and current speeds in Cook Strait, New Zealand

Dataset of atmospheric measurements and current speeds, used to quantify wind- and tides-driven turbulence in a large tidal channel.

Location: Te Moana o Raukawa (Cook Strait) of Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Wind and tides data:

  • Hourly Cape Campbell Atmospheric Weather Station wind records
    • Observing Authority, Agent number, Network number: MetService, 4424, G14722
    • Latitude (dec.deg),Longitude (dec.deg): -41.727,174.275
  • Upwards-looking Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) current speeds 
    • Sampling frequency: 55 kHz
    • Manufacturer: Nortek 
    • Latitude (dec.deg),Longitude (dec.deg): -41.165,174.581


Physical oceanography


tidal channel, Cook Strait, ADCP, Atmospheric Weather Station


-40.820638N, -41.778041S, -185.056639E, -185.847655W


Nortek 55 kHz Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP, SN 200064)


Wind speeds from Cape Campbell AWS
455 KoTEXTRaw data
Parts 1-3 of the Nortek ADCP record
333 MoNetCDFRaw data
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Valcarcel Arnaud, Stevens Craig, O'callaghan Joanne, Suanda Sutara, Grant Brett (2022). Wind and current speeds in Cook Strait, New Zealand. SEANOE.

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