Annual growth of Laternula elliptica shells from Dumont d'Urville Station (Adélie Land, East Antarctica)

Date 2022
Author(s) Thébault JulienORCID1, Peharda MelitaORCID2
Affiliation(s) 1 : Univ Brest, CNRS, IRD, Ifremer, LEMAR, F-29280 Plouzane, France
2 : Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Split, Croatia
DOI 10.17882/89420
Publisher SEANOE
Keyword(s) bivalve, shell growth, sclerochronology, master chronology, lantern clam, Laternula elliptica, Antarctica, Adélie Land, Dumont d'Urville Station

Laternula elliptica is one of the largest bivalve mollusk in Antarctic waters. Its shell presents annual growth increments that can be crossdated for the construction of master chronologies. Inter-annual variations of the resulting growth indices are driven by environmental forcings, among which sea ice and sympagic algae dynamics are the main ones. These two datasets present shell growth data collected in cross-sections of chondrophores (hinge area) of 31 Laternula elliptica specimens harvested by SCUBA diving near Dumont d'Urville Station (Adélie Land, East Antarctica) in January 2016. A calendar year was assigned to each annual growth increment by visual crossdating backward from the sampling year. Growth increment widths, expressed in micrometers, were measured from the last deposited growth increment (margin) toward earlier growth years (94888.csv). Each individual time-series of shell growth was then detrended to calculate an annual growth index (94889.csv).

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Thébault Julien, Peharda Melita (2022). Annual growth of Laternula elliptica shells from Dumont d'Urville Station (Adélie Land, East Antarctica). SEANOE.