Broadband dataset example collected with a WBAT

This dataset contains broadband acoustic data collected with scientific echosounders in the West Pacific between Nouméa and Micronesian Islands during Warmalis 1 cruise performed onboard the French R/V ALIS in 2021 in the framework of the program «MICROPAC».


Biological oceanography




5N, -20S, 150E, 170W


A self-contained scientific echosounder system (SIMRAD Wide-Band Autonomous Transceiver (WBAT); SIMRAD Kongsberg Maritime AS, Horten, Norway) was equipped with two split-beam transducers SIMRAD EK80 facing downwards, operating at a frequency range of 35-45 kHz (ES38-18DK-Split) and 90-170 kHz (ES120-7CD). The two transducers transmitted alternately by periods of 1 minute at ping interval of 0.3 seconds, with a pulse length of 1024 µsec. The transmitted power was 338 and 200W for 38 kHz and 120 kHz, respectively, for a range of 40m. The WBAT was hauled vertically between 0 to 500m at descent rate of 1m.s-1 during an average duration of 40 minutes at measurement stations. The WBAT was equipped with a CTD sensor to record the pressure.


This dataset presents fisheries acoustic data in both proprietary Simrad RAW format and international HAC format recorded on 19/09/2021 between 07:31 and 08:16 UTC.



Proprietary SIMRAD RAW format
100 MoProprietary SIMRAD RAW formatRaw data
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