CLIM-EPARSES 1 cruise: S-ADCP data

Measurements of the currents were collected with the Ship-mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (S-ADCP) in the Indian Ocean and Mozambique Channel during the CLIM-EPARSES 1 cruise carried out in April 2019 onboard the R.V. Marion-Dufresne in the framework of the CLIM-EPARSES project (PI A.Tribollet/IRD-LOCEAN).  The project CLIM-EPARSES aims at evaluating the impact of global change (warming, acidification) over the last decades on the coral reef ecosystems in the Eparses Islands (Scattered Islands). This page is dedicated to the S-ADCP data recorded during the cruise.


Biological oceanography, Chemical oceanography, Physical oceanography, Atmosphere


Indian Ocean, Eparses Islands, Mozambique channel, Current S-ADCP


-11N, -26S, 55E, 40W


S-ADCP sensor: RD-VM OS150


4 MoTEXTQuality controlled data
How to cite
Metzl Nicolas, Lo Monaco Claire, Tribollet Aline, Kartavtseff Annie (2022). CLIM-EPARSES 1 cruise: S-ADCP data. SEANOE.
In addition to properly cite this dataset, it would be appreciated that the following work(s) be cited too, when using this dataset in a publication :
Lo Monaco Claire, Metzl Nicolas, Fin Jonathan, Mignon Claude, Cuet Pascale, Douville Eric, Gehlen Marion, Tuyet Trang Chau Thi, Tribollet Aline (2021). Distribution and long-term change of the sea surface carbonate system in the Mozambique Channel (1963–2019). Deep-sea Research Part Ii-topical Studies In Oceanography. 186. 104936 (22p.).,

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