Hauling data for fyke net in crayfish fisheries

Date 2022
Author(s) Cilbiz MehmetORCID1, Aydın CelalettinORCID2, 3, 4, Herrmann BentORCID5, 6, 7
Affiliation(s) 1 : Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Eğirdir Fisheries, 32200 Isparta, Turkey
2 : Ege University, Faculty of Fisheries, 35100 Bornova-İzmir, Turkey
3 : Ege University, Urla Maritime Vocational School, 35430 Urla-İzmir, Turkey
4 : Ege University, Research and Application Center of Underwater
5 : SINTEF Ocean, Brattørkaia 17C, N-7010 Trondheim, Norway
6 : The Arctic University of Norway, UiT, Breivika, N-9037 Tromsø, Norway
7 : DTU Aqua, Technical University of Denmark, Hirtshals, Denmark
DOI 10.17882/90016
Publisher SEANOE

This dataset consists of hauling data for fyke net in Turkish crayfish fisheries. The experiment was designed by covered-codend method. Shared dataset includes hauling data for commercial and newly-designed fyke nets by different seasons.

Licence CC-BY-ND
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Data 15 KB XLS, XLSX Quality controlled data Open access
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Cilbiz Mehmet, Aydın Celalettin, Herrmann Bent (2022). Hauling data for fyke net in crayfish fisheries. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/90016

In addition to properly cite this dataset, it would be appreciated that the following work(s) be cited too, when using this dataset in a publication :

Cilbiz Mehmet, Aydın Celalettin, Herrmann Bent (2022). New codend designs to improve the size selectivity of fyke net for narrow-clawed crayfish (Pontastacus leptodactylus) (Improving fyke net selectivity for narrow-clawed crayfish). Accepted in Aquatic Living Resources