Techsas dataset example

This dataset presents an extract of Techsas dataset recorded during Peacetime survey on the N/O Pourquoi Pas ?.

Techsas is the sensor acquisition software used on the ships of the french oceanographic fleet.

The data were processed with Globe software ( to split them in order to keep only a few values from 2017/06/10 11:20:00 to 2017/06/10 11:25:00.

More information about techsas can be retrieved here :

Python exemple for reading of Techsas files and documentation about this format can be found in the pyTechsas project





techsas, sensor


41.76N, 43.2418S, 4.95E, 6.15W


Data were acquired from sensors available in 2017 on the Pourquoi Pas ? The main sensors are :

* KSS31 gravimeter

* Kongsberg EA600 single beam sounder

* Phins 2197,3457-108, Octans 480,495 attitude sensors

* SBE21, SBE38 thermosalinometers


The complete list of available sensors can be retrieved from the madida website for this survey :


Peacetime extract of techsas files
605 KoNetCDFRaw data
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