Narval Hydro 2017 - Mooring dataset

This dataset gathers data from a mooring array deployed from 29 August 2017 to 01 August 2018 across the slope in the vicinity of Jan Mayen Island in the Greenland Sea, during the SHOM (Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine) Narval Hydro Campaign. The array consisted of 6 moorings (labeled M1-M6, progressing onshore to offshore), spanning a distance of ~30 km centered at 71.2°N and 9.2°W, and one mooring labeled M7, closer to the greenland coast.

Data processed by IFREMER-LOPS.


Physical oceanography


oceanography, physic, mooring, greenland


72N, 70S, -20E, -8W


  • CTD : SBE37, SBE39
  • ADCP : Nortek Signature 250K, Nortek Continental, Teledyne Workhorse, Nortek Aquadopp profiler
  • Currentmeter : Nortek Aquadopp


JAN MAYEN MOORINGS - Shom Narval Hydro 2017
272 MoNetCDFProcessed data
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Balem Kevin, Pellichero Violaine (2017). Narval Hydro 2017 - Mooring dataset. SEANOE.

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