CTD Castaway shallow water cast Mexican North Caribbean-Chacmochuch Lagoon System Springs Prospection

Date 2022-09-10
Temporal extent 2021-09-25 -2022-09-10
Author(s) Bárcenas Graniel Juan FranciscoORCID1, Vázquez Martín Airy SofíaORCID1, Alzate Soto RicardoORCID2, Mendoza Eugenia SabrinaORCID3
Affiliation(s) 1 : Universidad del Caribe.
2 : Universidad Católica de Manizales, Colombia.
3 : Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina.
DOI 10.17882/90538
Publisher SEANOE
Note DeviceCC1502004, with calibration certificateby SonTek, date; 02-02-2022.
Keyword(s) Springs, Mariculture, Cooperative

Students and researchers at the University of the Caribbean together with members of the Cooperative Sea of ​​the Antilles, conducted an oceanographic campaign at the site called cayo Alcatraz, where there are two underwater springs also known as “ojos de agua”. These springs are located within the polygon of the protected area of ​​the Mexican Caribbean Biosphere Reserve, to the west of Isla Contoy National Park. The purpose of the campaign was to begin studies of the environmental conditions and reconnaissance of the site. The measuring instruments used were; SonTek CastAway-CTD, and a Gopro Black 7 camera.  were made a set of 12 temperature, salinity, and conductivity profiles. Water samples were also taken for subsequent microbiological analysis.

Licence CC-BY-NC
Utilisation This data set is submitted in good faith only. The authors and the Universidad del Caribe will not accept responsibility or liability for third party use or interpretation of data.
Acknowledgements Laboratorio de Tecnologías Ambientales, Cuerpo Académico Sistemas Energéticos y Sustentabilidad CASES, Programa educativo de Ingeniería Ambiental del Departamento de Ciencias Básicas e Ingenierías de la Universidad del Caribe. The invitation to carry out the measurements in situ is appreciated to: José Montesino Brito leader, Eduardo Ramírez as the Captain of the boat, Orlando Medina Alcocer as guide and navigator, Jorge Ernesto Quintal Rodríguez, Ileana Isabel Montesino Bautista, members of the Cooperativa Mar de las Antillas S.C. de R.L.
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CTD CastAway, DEVICE: # CC1502004. Calibration certificate by SonTek. 02-02-2022.

CTD CastAway, DEVICE: # CC1502005

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Bárcenas Graniel Juan Francisco, Vázquez Martín Airy Sofía, Alzate Soto Ricardo, Mendoza Eugenia Sabrina (2022). CTD Castaway shallow water cast Mexican North Caribbean-Chacmochuch Lagoon System Springs Prospection. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/90538