Deep Horizontal Turbulent Diffusivity

This dataset correponds to a 1ox1o of gridded diffusivity coefficients (in m2 s-1). It is a global coverage at 1000-m depth. This diffusivities are computed using local-analog method based on deep Argo float trajectory from the  ANDRO dataset. The ANDRO dataset used in this study corresponds to the 2019 Release (key: 66657) and is freely available through the SEANOE  platform ( The dataset provide longitudes and latitudes and the zonal, meridional, and cross diffusivity coefficients.


90N, -90S, 180E, -180W


1 MoNetCDFQuality controlled data
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Sévellec Florian, Colin de Verdière Alain, Kolodziejczyk Nicolas (2022). Deep Horizontal Turbulent Diffusivity. SEANOE.

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