The EUREC4A-OA oceanographic campaign that took place in January-February 2020 in the tropical North-West Atlantic Ocean aboard several research vessels, was a contribution to the broader international research initiative EUREC4A ( The cruise was carried out in conjunction with the research vessels L'Atalante (France), Maria S. Merian and Meteor (Germany) and the Ron Brown (USA) as well as with the aircraft and UAV operations and continuous observations from the ground site on the island of Barbados (BCO) and the Saildrone© operations as part of the US ATOMIC project.

This dataset is composed of the MVP measurements obtained from the R/Vs L'Atalante and Maria S. Merian. The processing was based on the article from Ullman and Hebert (JAOT, 2014) to correct the different sources of error. To specifically correct the discrepancies between downward and upward profiles, the method describe in Mensah et al (JAOT, 2018) was implemented. A secondary quality check is performed by comparing the MVP measurements with the nearest CTD stations.


Physical oceanography


MVP, Temperature, Salinity, Density


16N, 6S, -62E, -48W


The R/Vs L'Atalante and Maria S. Merian were both equipped with MVP 30-350, a profiling system from AML oceanographic.

For the R/V L'Atalante: S/N 8705
For the R/V Maria S. Merian: S/N 9068


MVP processed and with secondary QC profiles from the R/V L'Atalante
2 MoNetCDFProcessed data
MVP processed and with secondary QC profiles from the R/V Maria S. Merian
2 MoNetCDFProcessed data
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L'Hégaret Pierre, Speich Sabrina, Karstensen Johannes (2020). MVP Data 2nd QC- EUREC4A_OA/ATOMIC. SEANOE.

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