BePLi Dataset v1: Beach Plastic Litter Dataset version 1

Date 2023
Temporal extent 2011 -2019
Author(s) Mitsuko HidakaORCID1, 2, Koshiro Murakami1, Kenta Koshidawa1, Shintaro Kawahara1, Daisuke Sugiyama1, Shin’ichiro Kako1, 2, Daisuke Matsuoka1, 2
Contributor(s) Ryunosuke Muroya, Soichiro Yoshii, Toya Kuwabara, Hiroaki Yonemaru
Affiliation(s) 1 : JAMSTEC, Research Institute for Value-Added-Information Generation (VAiG), Kanagawa, Japan
2 : Kagoshima University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Engineering, Ocean Civil Engineering Program, Kagoshima, Japan
DOI 10.17882/92297
Publisher SEANOE
Keyword(s) Coastal litter, Marine plastics, AI, Deep learning, Object detection, Instance Segmentation, Beach monitoring

The BePLi Dataset v1 (Beach Plastic Litter Dataset version 1) comprised 3708 original images taken in various coastal environments and the corresponding instance-based and pixel-level annotations for all plastic litter objects in the images are compiled in MSCOCO (Microsoft Common Objects in Context) Object Detection Task format. The format is partially intendedly modified from the original MSCOCO format.

Licence CC-BY-NC-SA
Acknowledgements We are grateful to the Shonai General Branch Office in Yamagata Prefecture for providing the beach litter images. We received valuable support from the Non-Profit Organization Partnership Office for communicating with the Yamagata Prefecture government office. Drs. Fumiaki Araki, Masafumi Kamachi, and Yoichi Ishikawa gave us a critical understanding and support for this work. Students from Kako Lab. at Kagoshima University, Ryunosuke Muroya, Soichiro Yoshii, Toya Kuwabara and Hiroaki Yonemaru, gave us great assistance with the data check.
Sensor metadata

The original images were captured using standard consumer digital cameras.

File Size Format Processing Access 8 GB PNG, JSON Processed data Open access
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Mitsuko Hidaka, Koshiro Murakami, Kenta Koshidawa, Shintaro Kawahara, Daisuke Sugiyama, Shin’ichiro Kako, Daisuke Matsuoka (2023). BePLi Dataset v1: Beach Plastic Litter Dataset version 1. SEANOE.