Zooplankton Data and parameters from Fromvar Samples

Data set used in https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jmarsys.2011.11.025

Plankton net : Vertical WP2 (200µm, aperture O.25 m2). Geographical Positions, time and the depth of net profils are indicated in the csv file. Zooplankton samples were processes by using Zoooscan and next validated with zooprocess. Two fractions ("_a" and "_b") were made for each sample. Validated images are provided with their pid files (*tar file).

Parameters (ESD  for Equivalent spherical Diameter per cluster, slope of the NBSS - Normalized Biomass Size spectrum, number of images per zooplankton group...) are also provided in the CSV file. All processing details are provided in the related publication.


Biological oceanography


zooplankton, zooscan, size, tidal


Description of sensors and processings is provided in the pid files in the subdirectories of ZOOSCAN.


Sorted and validated images. Pid files for each station (in each subdirectory) include the processing details.
910 MoIMAGEProcessed data
Station and parameters extracted from images. Processing to obtain NBSS was detailed in the related publication. ESD (Equivalent Spherical Diameter, µm) was provided for each zooplankton cluster.
28 KoTEXTProcessed data
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Sourisseau Marc, Schultes Sabine, Marie Louis, Lunven Michel, Le Masson Emile (2009). Zooplankton Data and parameters from Fromvar Samples. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/92844

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