The COASTlOOC dataset

Coastal Surveillance Through Observation of Ocean Color (COASTlOOC) oceanographic expeditions were conducted in 1997 and 1998 to examine the relationship between the optical properties of seawater and related biological and chemical properties across the coastal-to-open ocean gradient in various European seas. A total of 379 stations were visited along the coasts of the Gulf of Lion in the Mediterranean Sea (n = 61), Adriatic Sea (n = 39), Baltic Sea (n = 57), North Sea (n = 99), English Channel (n = 85) and Atlantic Ocean (n = 38). Particular emphasis was dedicated to the collection of a comprehensive set of apparent (AOPs) and inherent (IOPs) optical properties to support the development of ocean color remote sensing algorithms. The data were collected in situ using traditional ship-based sampling, but also from a helicopter, which is a very efficient means for that type of coastal sampling. The dataset collected during the COASTlOOC campaigns is unique in that it is fully consistent in terms of operators, protocols, and instrumentation. This rich and historical dataset is still today frequently requested and used by other researchers. Therefore, we present the result of an effort to compile and standardize a dataset which will facilitate its use in future development and evaluation of new bio-optical models adapted for optically-complex waters. 


Physical oceanography


Ocean optics, Inherent optical properties (IOPs), Apparent optical properties (AOPs), Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM), Phytoplankton absorption, Particulate absorption, Suspended particulate matter, Pigments, Coastal-ocean gradient


54.5N, 28S, -15E, 22W


Absorption of CDOM, AP, ANAP, APHY
25 MoCSVProcessed data
Absorbance-attenuance meter (AC9, Wetlabs)
94 KoCSVProcessed data
Bathymetry (from GEBCO) at the sampling locations
17 KoCSVRaw data
POC, PON, SPM, TPC, Salinity, DOC
14 KoCSVProcessed data
Surface irradiance and diffuse attenuation
178 KoCSVProcessed data
Phytoplankton pigments
46 KoCSVProcessed data
Water-leaving reflectance
119 KoCSVProcessed data
Spectral slopes of aCDOM and aNAP
21 KoCSVProcessed data
Station list
28 KoCSVProcessed data
Profiles of irradiance and diffuse attenuation
7 MoTEXTProcessed data
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Massicotte Philippe, Babin Marcel, Fell Frank, Fournier-Sicre Vincent, Doxaran David (2023). The COASTlOOC dataset. SEANOE.
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Massicotte Philippe, Babin Marcel, Fell Frank, Fournier-Sicre Vincent, Doxaran David (2023). The COASTℓOOC project dataset.

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