A multi-tagged Sentinel-1 wave mode SAR image dataset near Barbados (MulTags-SARwv)

MulTags-SARwv is a meticulously curated dataset comprising 2100 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images acquired by the Sentinel-1 (S-1) satellite s wave mode (WV) at a 36° incidence angle. These images were randomly selected between January and June from 2016-2019 and span an 8° by 8° box centered on the Northwest Tropical Atlantic Station (NTAS) buoy (51°W, 15°N). Each image covers a 20 km by 20 km area with a 5 m pixel resolution. The dataset is the result of visual interpretation and tagging by five experts using 12 defined tags. These tags describe various marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL) processes near Barbados, including the transition between roll vortices and convective cells, as well as localized phenomena such as fronts, rain events, cold pools, and low winds. Unlike the previous TenGeoP-SARwv dataset, MulTags-SARwv utilizes a multiple tagging strategy to provide a comprehensive description of the MABL processes visible on these WV SAR images. The dataset is organized into a folder (pngs) that includes all 2100 SAR images in PNG format, a text file (tagsInfo.txt) documenting all the assigned tags for each image by the five experts, and a readme.txt file that provides an overall description of the dataset. MulTags-SARwv has significant potential for investigating MABL processes and complements SAR classification materials for the development of machine learning methods.




Sentinel-1 wave mode, Synthetic aperture radar (SAR), Multiple tagging, Barbados, Marine atmospheric boundary layer, Roll vortices, Convective cells


19N, 11S, 305E, 313W


The ESA Sentinel-1 mission is a constellation of two polar-orbiting, sun-synchronous satellites (S-1 A and S-1 B) launched in April of 2014 and 2016, respectively. These two satellites both have a 12-day repeat cycle at the equator, and are phased at 180 deg to provide an effective 6-day repeat cycle. For each satellite, the expected lifetime is 7 years. Both carry a C-band SAR instrument with a center frequency of 5.405 GHz (5.5 cm wavelength). There are four exclusive imaging modes (Interferometric Wide swath, Extra Wide swath mode, Strip Map and Wave Mode) for the S-1 SAR sensors. WV is the default operational mode over open ocean unless wide-swath SAR images are requested for particular applications.


Overall description of the dataset
Records of the tags assigned by the five experts for each image
468 KoTEXTProcessed data
The 2100 processed SAR images in PNG format
413 MoIMAGEProcessed data
How to cite
Wang Chen, Stopa Justin, Vandemark Doug, Foster Ralph, Ayet Alex, Mouche Alexis, Chapron Bertrand (2023). A multi-tagged Sentinel-1 wave mode SAR image dataset near Barbados (MulTags-SARwv). SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/93947

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