Describing the contribution of seagrass meadows to the coastal filter in a boreal system

This data includes the organic carbon (Corg) and nitrogen (N) content and their stable isotopes (delta 13C and delta 15N) in the surface sediment (top 5 cm) of three eelgrass meadows in boreal Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Sediment cores were collected from different locations (i.e., inside, edge, outside) relative to each meadow. Data also include meadow traits, such as blade length, width, and sediment characteristics. Samples were collected in August 2020. 


Biological oceanography


seagrass, nitrogen, carbon capture, temperate, carbon cature


47.94852N, 46.900528S, -53.724794E, -55.266542W


Two sets of sediment cores were collected by manually pushing a 3.5 cm diameter polycarbonate tube until depth of refusal (<10 cm deep){C}{C} and extracted by gently digging to the base of the core using a short-handle spade and plugging both ends of the core using rubber stoppers. The first set of coared were collected in August 2019 and used to measure sediment grain size fractionation using a series of sieves. The second set of coreases were collected in August 2020 and analysed for particulate carbon (%Corg) and nitrogen (N) centent and their stable isotopes (delta 13C, delta 15N) using a Costech ECS 4010/Thermo DELTA V Advantage IRMS by the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Analytical Services. 

Eelgrass meadow traits (percent cover, blade length, blade width, macroalgae percent cover) were assess using snorkel quadrat surveys along 50 m transect lines.

Water quality parameters, specifically temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen (DO), and turbidity, were collected every 15 minutes from August 20, 2022 to November 22, 2022 using a moored SeapHOx equipped with an ECO-NTU sensor (Sea-Bird Scientific™, Washington, USA). Sensors were deployed in each site as close to the eelgrass meadows as possible, while ensuring they remained submerged by >1 m at low tide (required for the sensors to function).




Surface sediment Corg and N content and their stable isotopes (del13C, and del15N) collected from eelgrass meadows, and meadow traits (water quality, percent cover, blade length, sediment composition)
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