CTD and LADCP data from the MomarSat 2022 cruise

Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD) data and Lowered-Acoustic-Doppler-Current-Profiler (LADCP) data from the 22 casts of the MomarSat 2022 Cruise. The CTD data from a Seabird SBE 25 were processed with Seasave V software. Note that the conductivity/salinity data were NOT calibrated with bottles. Only basic CTD processing was done. The LADCP horizontal currents were measured with a combination of two 300 kHz RDI ADCPs, one uplooker and one downlooker. LADCP data were processed with the LDEO v. IX.12 software with a 10-m vertical resolution.


Physical oceanography


CTD, temperature, conductivity, salinity, pressure, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, hydrography, ADCP, LADCP, current


38.123203N, 36.445026S, -30.81649E, -33.826744W



300 kHz RDI lowered-ADCP uplooker and downlooker


MomarSat 2022 CTD data processed with Seasave V The zipped tar file contains 22 casts
22 MoTEXTProcessed data
MomarSat 2022 LADCP data zipped tar file with 22 casts of absolute horizontal velocty components [*.lad text format files with depth (z), zonal (u) and meridional (v) velocities and error (ev)]
130 KoTEXTProcessed data
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Ferron Bruno, Vic Clement, Leizour Stephane (2022). CTD and LADCP data from the MomarSat 2022 cruise. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/94681

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