python SAR processor for level-1 SLC product

`xsarslc` is a python package that allow to compute SAR cross spectrum and advanced radar parameters from Sentinel-1 SLC products.

It handles 3 modes of acquisitions IW , EW and WV.

The source code is relying on `xarray` library.

documentation is available here:

It contains an Algorithm Tehcnical Baseline Document (ATBD) section, describing the equations of each processing steps and their rationales.

Cross-discipline, Physical oceanography

python, sar, processor, slc, sentinel-1, iw, ew, wv, cross-spectra, azimuth cutoff, nrcs, normalized variance

Currently only Sentinel-1 SAR C-band mission is supported by the library.


python 3 package
1 Mopython package (*.py, *.yaml, *.ipynb) 2025-12-31
Nouguier Frederic, Mouche Alexis, Grouazel Antoine (2023). python SAR processor for level-1 SLC product. SEANOE.