COSTOF2, data from AIS (MC MURDO KANATON3) on BOREL_V1 node, 2020-2021

This dataset contains data from  the AIS ((KANATON3). It provides GPS informations (time, poisition, speed, direction) . This log starts on septembre 14 2020, stops on may 29 2021 and is done by the COSTOF2 (COmmunication and STOrage Front-end). It is the Electronic core of BOREL the buoy that retrieve the data via satellite communication.

Cross-discipline, Chemical oceanography, Environment, Marine geology, Physical oceanography

Mid-Atlantic Ridge, EMSO, Lucky Strike, Time-series, Biological monitoring node, MoMAR, BOREL, COSTOF

37.301N, 37.301S, -32.278E, -32.278W


  • Regional node: Emso-Azores
  • Site: Lucky Strike
  • Node: BOREL
  • Coordinates: 37.301N, -32.278E



Operating parameters

  • Measurement duration: 15 min
  • Sampling period: 60 minutes

Sensor metadata

  • Type: Communication and Storage Front-end 2
  • Provider: IFREMER
  • Model: COSTOF2, BOREL version

Data management

  • Real time data transmission: yes
  • Data storage in the Communication and storage unit (COSTOF2): Full


776 KoCSVRaw data
Gautier Laurent, Chauvet Adrien, Matabos Marjolaine, Sarradin Pierre-Marie (2023). COSTOF2, data from AIS (MC MURDO KANATON3) on BOREL_V1 node, 2020-2021. SEANOE.