COSTOF2, technical data from BOREL, node of the BOREL buoy, 2021-2022

This dataset contains technical parameters (Voltage in V, current in mA, energy in Ah, internal pressure in mbar, water leak detection). This log is done by the COSTOF2 (COmmunication and STOrage Front-end). It is the Electronic core of BOREL the buoy that retrieve the data via satellite communication. It supports a weather station an a high resolution GPS.


Mid-Atlantic Ridge, EMSO, Lucky Strike, Time-series, Biological monitoring node, MoMAR, BOREL, COSTOF


37.301N, 37.301S, -32.278E, -32.278W



Node V1 : Voltage, energy, water leak detection, current consumption, internal temperature and pressure, remaining storage space for each slot ID

  • For each sensor board (that supports up to 3 sensors) : internal temperature, internal pressure, remaining storage
  • Slot ID 8 : airmar WS200
  • Slot ID 9 : Kanaton McMurdon (AIS), Leica GR25


  • Regional node: Emso-Azores
  • Site: Lucky Strike
  • Node: BOREL
  • Coordinates:



Operating parameters

  • Measurement duration: 10 sec
  • Sampling period: 240 minutes

Sensor metadata

  • Type: Communication and Storage Front-end 2
  • Provider: IFREMER
  • Model: COSTOF2, BOREL version

Data management

  • Real time data transmission: yes
  • Data storage in the Communication and storage unit (COSTOF2): Full


481 KoCSVRaw data
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Gautier Laurent, Chauvet Adrien, Sarradin Pierre-Marie, Matabos Marjolaine (2023). COSTOF2, technical data from BOREL, node of the BOREL buoy, 2021-2022. SEANOE.

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