GraviMob-1 campaign: measurement data and processing results

GraviMob-1 campaign is an underwater gravimetric survey conducted near the southern coast of France in the Mediterranean Sea in March 2016. The AUV Asterx was used to carry the GraviMob system. The operation was performed on board the vessel Europe. The data and processing results of this campaign are supporting the paper "High-resolution gravity measurement on board an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle: Data reduction and accuracy assessment". The dataset thus contains the following elements:

1. The raw data exported from GraviMob

2. The shipborne gravity data provided by SHOM

3. The processing results


Marine geology


43.333333N, 42.833333S, 7E, 5.666667W


Raw data
11 MoTEXTRaw data
Processing results
9 MoTEXTProcessed data
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Vu Dinh Toan, Verdun Jérôme, Cali José, Maia Marcia, Poitou Charles, Ammann Jérôme, Roussel Clément, D'Eu Jean-François, Bouhier Marie-Edith (2016). GraviMob-1 campaign: measurement data and processing results. SEANOE.

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