DEAFS – Deep-sea Autonomous and automated Fluid sampler data from the EMSO-Azores observatory, 2022

High temperature hydrothermal fluids are collected by the Deep-sea Autonomous and automated Fluid Sampler (DEAFS). The instrument is deployed at the footstep of the Montsegur edifice. The site, named Montserrat, expels hydrothermal fluid at 312°C which were collected beforehand by gas-tight fluid sampler manipulated and triggered by the hydraulic arm of the submarine vehicle (ROV Victor).

Several chemical analyses are performed aboard the research vessel: such as salinity and d20/20 by refractometer, pH and Eh by electrode (pH standard 4.01 and 7; Eh standard solution at -220mV), H2S and total S concentrations measured by electrode (AquaMS, amperometric method) at measured pH value.

Two i-button temperature sensors have been encapsulated in a titanium housing and attached on the instrument. The sensors have been sequenced for temperature measurement every 12h.

The DEAFS has performed a full sample collection sequence starting on the 23/06/2022 till the 25/04/2023.

Regional Node: EMSO-Azores, Lucky Strike Hydrothermal Field

Vent field : Montserrat at the base of Montsegur

Latitude : 37º17.2744’N

Longitude : 32º16.5461’W

Depth : 1699 m 


Chemical oceanography, Environment


Mid-Atlantic Ridge, EMSO-Açores, hydrothermal fluids, Lucky Strike, geochemistry, MOMARSAT 2022


38.045556N, 38.045556S, -33.783611E, -33.783611W



  • high temperature hydrothermal fluid sampler


  • Regional node: Emso-Azores
  • Site: Montserrat at Lucky Strike Hydrothermal Field
  • Node: /
  • Coordinates: N37º17.2744 and W32º16.5461’
  • Depth: 1699m



Operating parameters

  • Sampling period: every 25th of the month over a year time period
  • Anti-fouling device : N/A

Sensor metadata

  • Type: N/A
  • Model:  N/A
  • Firmware: N/A

Sensor configuration

Sequenced fluid sampling programming 

Test and calibration

  • 12 Titanium bottles certified TOP Industrie S.A.S; Hydro test pressure @ 572bar; Working pressure : 400bar
  • Certification: N° 9615N, 9616N, 9617N, 9618N, 9619N, 9620N, 9621N, 9622N, 9623N, 9624N, 9625N, 9626N.
  • Certification test of cylinder : working pressure : 412 bar; Ifremer PDG/IMN/SM/2IDM/17-0095

Data management

  • Real time data transmission: No


DEAFS Fluid data DEAFS Fluid
1 KoCSVRaw data
DEAFS temperature data DEAFS temperature 2022 2023
41 KoCSVRaw data
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