Onshore fishing activities assessment in Mayotte's Marine Protected Area

These data were collected by ULM flight during low tides and different environmental conditions (day of the week, sea level during low tide, weather, time of the day, month, etc.). Assessment was done by photo-analysis. Fishermen were divided in different categories according to gear and targeted species : onshore gathering (targets octopus and shellfish), swimming fishers (with or without boat -  illegal inside the lagoon), spearfishing (illegal inside the lagoon), netfishing (targets demersal reef associated species, illegal if not professional and performed on healthy coral), traditional netfishing (targets small pelagic species), angling (targets demersal reef associated species).


Fisheries and aquaculture


fishing effort, octopus fishing, handgathering, ULM


-12.5N, -13.08S, 45.4E, 44.75W


• Appareil photo - boîtier EOS7D MarkII
• Objectif 70 - 300


Environmental conditions during ULM flight
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162 KoXLS, XLSXQuality controlled data
Sector onshore fiching
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Parc Naturel Marin de Mayotte, Office Français de la Biodiversité (2024). Onshore fishing activities assessment in Mayotte's Marine Protected Area. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/96457

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