Incubation conditions data for embryonic Pacific herring experiment

These data were collected at Shannon Point Marine Center in Washington, U.S.A. in March and May, 2021. Embryos were reared at either 10 (ambient), 12, 14, or 16C in March and at either 10 or 16C in spring. Both March and May experiments used two target pCO2 treatments of either ~500 uatm (ambient) or ~2000 uatm (heightened). These data assessed the experimental treatment conditions throughout the March and May experiments.


Fisheries and aquaculture


Pacific herring, ocean acidification, temperature rise, incubation conditions


48.996962N, 47.67621S, -121.842448E, -123.823339W


sample_date: date of assessment

tank: tank (1-4) of assessment

header_tank: header tank (1-6) with pCO2 water

replicate_id: replicate cup

temp: target temperature 

CO2: target CO2

Measured_pH: in situ pH measurement

measured_temp: in situ temperature measurement

spec_pH: post-experiment pHT measurement using spectrophotometry

pCO2: post-experiment pCO2 measurement

Total_Alkalinity: post-experiment alkalinity measurement

measured_DIC: post-experiment DIC measurement

bicarbonate: post-experiment bicarbonate measurement


Incubation Conditions in March experiment of Pacific herring embryos
10 KoCSVProcessed data
Incubation Conditions in May experiment of Pacific herring embryos
3 KoCSVProcessed data
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Singh Nicole, Love Brooke, Murray Christopher, Kathryn Sobocinski, Cooper W. James (2021). Incubation conditions data for embryonic Pacific herring experiment. SEANOE.

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