Surface waves data from a submerged ADCP in the "DeepLev" Eastern Levantine station

The dataset is comprised of processed sea surface waves fields from an uplooking Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) for the operational period of 2016-2022. The ADCP was mounted on the submerged Deep Levantine (DeepLev) mooring station located 50 km off the Israeli coast to the west of Haifa (bottom depth 1470m) as a part of an extended monitoring project. The results are summarized in eight netcdf files, one for each deployments, consisting of full two-dimensional wave fields, along with derived bulk parameter such as wave heights, periods, and directions of propagation. It meets the need for accurate and reliable in-situ measurements in the deep region of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, as the area significantly lacks wave data compare to other Mediterranean sub-basins.


Physical oceanography


Wave measurements, Subsurface Buoy, East Levant, ADCP, Deep sea monitoring


33N, 33S, 34.5E, 34.5W


Nortek Signature500.


FileSizeFormatProcessingAccessend of embargo
Deployment 1: 16-Nov-2016 to 12-May-2017
265 MoNetCDFProcessed data 2025-11-01
Deployment 2: 1-Jun-2017 to 25-Nov 2017
262 MoNetCDFProcessed data 2025-11-01
Deployment 3: 4-Dec-2017 to 28-Apr-2018
1 GoNetCDFProcessed data 2025-11-01
Deployment 4: 31-Jul-2018 to 28-Mar-2019
2 GoNetCDFProcessed data 2025-11-01
Deployment 5: 13-May-2019 to 18-Dec-2019
323 MoNetCDFProcessed data 2025-11-01
Deployment 6: 18-Feb-2020 to 16-Sep-2020
625 MoNetCDFProcessed data 2025-11-01
Deployment 7: 27-Oct-2020 to 3-Nov-2021
1 GoNetCDFProcessed data 2025-11-01
Deployment 8: 27-Dec-2021 to 30-Aug-2022
728 MoNetCDFProcessed data 2025-11-01
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Haim Nir, Toledo Yaron, Mayzel Boaz, Grigorieva Vika, Soffer Rotem, Katz Timor, Alkalay Ronen, Biton Eli, Lazar Ayah, Gildor Hezi, Berman-Frank Ilana, Weinstein Yishai, Herut Barak (2016). Surface waves data from a submerged ADCP in the "DeepLev" Eastern Levantine station. SEANOE.

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