Sedimentary core CAS16-01PC dataset from CASEIS Cruise

This dataset contains the data acquired on the 9 m-long core CAS16-01PC (16°24.576’N, 60°23.648’W, 5203 mbsl) sampled with the Calypso piston coring system in the Karukera Basin offshore the Guadeloupe island (Lesser Antilles) during the research cruise CASEIS (DOI 10.17600/16001800) on board of the R/V Pourquoi Pas?,  between May 28th to July 05th 2016. The core was divided in six  150 cm-thick sections. This dataset consists of the raw data measured: 1) on board with the GEOTECK Multi Sensor Core Logger of the Quebec University at Rimouski (on the whole core: P-wave velocity, gamma density, and volumetric magnetic susceptibility; and on the split core:  high resolution photographs, surface magnetic susceptibility and spectrophotocolorimetry); and 2) the X-ray images with the GEOTEK X-ray CT and the semi-quantitative chemical elementary profiles with an AVAATECH XRF core scanner at IFREMER. 34 turbidites has been identified intercalated with hemipelagic sediment layers. 


Marine geology


Sediment core, Sedimentology, Lesser Antilles, Turbidites


16.4096N, 16.4096S, -60.39413E, -60.39413W


Compress file with the data acquired on the core CAS16-01PC from the CASEIS cruise
269 Mo.zipRaw data
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Seibert Chloé, Feuillet Nathalie, Ratzov Gueorgui, Cattaneo Antonio, St-Onge Guillaume, Moreno Eva (2023). Sedimentary core CAS16-01PC dataset from CASEIS Cruise. SEANOE.

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