Data from IOPD cruise Part 3 Water sample analysis

The Eurofleets+ IOPD research cruise took place from 28/06/2022 till 10/07/2022 in the Uummannaq region in West Greenland where a total of five fjords and the connecting shelf area were sampled. This data upload "Data from IOPD cruise Part 2 Water sample analysis and plankton identifications" contains:

-SPM and POC data.


Biological oceanography, Physical oceanography, Chemical oceanography


SPM, POC, Greenland, Uummannaq, fjords


72.385298N, 70.128674S, -49.270507E, -62.234374W


-SPM and POC data

Suspended particulate matter and particulate organic carbon was collected by filtering ~1 L water from selected depths, onto pre-combusted (4 h at 450 ◦C) and pre-weighed 25 mm GF/F filters (0.7 μm pore size, 1 per depth).

For all samples, visible zooplankton were removed with tweezers and filters were then stored at - 80 ◦C .

Samples were analysed as per Grosse et al. (2015). They were decarbonated in a desiccator with fuming hydrochloric acid (37%) and analysed on a Thermo Flash EA1112 elemental analyser coupled to a Thermo Finnigan Delta V isotope ratio mass spectrometer.

Grosse, J., van Breugel, P., Boschker, H.T.S., 2015. Tracing carbon fixation in phytoplankton-compound specific and total 13C incorporation rates. Limnol Oceanogr. Methods 13 (6), 288–302.


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