Sedimentary cores CAS16-03PC and CAS16-14PC dataset from CASEIS Cruise

This dataset contains the data acquired on the sedimentary cores collected with the Calypso piston coring system at the same location (17°05.212’N, 60°50.248’W, 5821 mbsl) in the Falmouth Half Graben offshore the Guadeloupe island (Lesser Antilles) during the research cruise CASEIS (DOI 10.17600/16001800) on board of the R/V Pourquoi Pas?,  between May 28th to July 05th 2016. Two cores were sampled in this basin the CAS16-03PC and CAS16-14PC cores, which are 9.50 and 26.50 m-long, respectively. This dataset consists of the photo took on the core CAS16-03PC and the raw data measured on the longest core, the core CAS16-14PC: 1) on board with the GEOTECK Multi Sensor Core Logger of the Quebec University at Rimouski (on the whole core: P-wave velocity, gamma density, and volumetric magnetic susceptibility; and on the split core:  high resolution photographs, surface magnetic susceptibility and spectrophotocolorimetry); and 2) the X-ray images with the GEOTEK X-ray CT and the semi-quantitative chemical elementary profiles with an AVAATECH XRF core scanner at IFREMER. The stratigraphy of both cores appears identical. The core CAS16-14PC records 29 turbidites, including 4 thicker sedimentary event (up to 5 m-thick), intercalated with hemipelagic sediment layers.


Marine geology


Sediment cores, Lesser Antilles, Sedimentology, Turbidites, Homogenites


17.086967N, 17.086967S, -60.837533E, -60.837533W

17.086867N, 17.086867S, -60.837467E, -60.837467W


Compress file with the data acquired on the cores CAS16-03PC and CAS16-14PC from the CASEIS cruise
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Seibert Chloé, Feuillet Nathalie, Ratzov Gueorgui, Cattaneo Antonio, St-Onge Guillaume, Moreno Eva (2023). Sedimentary cores CAS16-03PC and CAS16-14PC dataset from CASEIS Cruise. SEANOE.

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