Tools for the simulation and retracking of satellite altimetry waveforms

This data package contains Python scrips and codes for the simulation or analysis of altimeter waveforms, as described in De Carlo et al. (2023) and De Carlo and Ardhuin (in preparation). These were used for the figures of the second paper:

Figure 1 was adapted from De Carlo et al. (JGR 2023, see Appendix)

Figure 2 was generated with this notebook: Figure2_retracking_CFOSAT.ipynb   
Note that this uses a nubmer of python functions for retracking altimetry waveforms, and the CFOSAT data L1A and L2 data that is copied here.

Figure 4 was generated with this notebook: Figure4_perturbed_waveforms.ipynb

Figure 5 was generated with this notebook: Figure5_J_functions.ipynb

Figure 6 and 8 were assembled (with inkscape) from pieces generated with this notebook: Figure6_2D_maps_of_retracked_parameters.ipynb
Note that some of the simulation steps (in particular the generation of waveforms) can be rather long. You may choose to save waveforms for later retracking (with different options).
For that you can set different "iscompute" variables to 0 .
This notebook uses CFOSAT data from L2S datasource:  , this was reprocessed by Marine De Carlo as described in De Carlo et al. 2023.

Figure 7 was made with the notebook:  Figure7_analyze_1D_coherence.ipynb
it uses waveforms and retracked parameters that are in the RETRACKED folder

Figure 11 was generated using data and notebooks in the "SIMULATIONS" folder. Note that the waveforms generated and retracked here took a few days to compute on a single processor Intel i7 laptop.

Figure B1: was generated with this notebook : FigureB1_effects_of_phase.ipynb and a number of output of the Figure6* notebook:

Figure C1 was generated with this notebook:  FigureC1_retracking_CFOSAT.ipynb  


Physical oceanography


waves, sea level, altimetry


455 MoThis is a tar file containing python code, pickle data and jupoyter notebooks.Processed data
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